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My 2 wheeled hobby

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This is my 11th bike in my 33 year riding history. I bought it new in 03 and it is the first Suzuki I have owned. Never let me down yet.

Notice how it is Dallas Cowboy colours............

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Ripper said:
Very sweet, that's a good lookin scoot you have there. I'm in the process of building (not sure if I'll get it down this year or not) a chopper. I'm using a CD750 DOHC in it.
Very nice Ripper....buddy of mine chopped a 97 honda Shadow and it looks great. I used to ride the early 2 stroke "sportbikes" (anyone remember the Kawi H1) back in the 70s but as I aged the cruisers more sedate approach seemed to suit me better.
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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