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I did a Long and McQuade run today!

No pics, mostly because I can't ever get hosted pics to work on this site, but they're pretty common too, I guess.

I have to say the buffer is like lifting a blanket off your entire rig. My compressors work better, my drives are clearer. I posted the other day about maybe wanting a Giggity, this gives me the exact thing I was looking for.

The EHX reverbs are fantastic and if, like me, you are going to stick between plate or spring 90% of the time you will be happy with this one. You might want the Oceans 12 if you want to have presets.

I don't know what I can say about the OCD that hasn't been said. It is Rock n Roll in a box.

Since I'm stuck home most of the time I though it would be worth the money to splurge like this...
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