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So I have decided to let go of my Morris XSIII. This amp has a pretty cool history and makes me a bit sad to see it go because of the sentimentality but I really seldom use it anymore. As you can see I have a couple of Morris amps and I really don't this this one get the love it deserves.
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So in my last move 2 of the toggles got broken off and the amp is just back from getting a once over from Dr Dan(Glen recommended him so I wouldnt have to ship it back to Ontario). Tubes were not replaced as I haven't used it much and they should have lots of life left in them. That being said for as long as I have known this amp(I know the 2 other owners), and much to Glen's dismay ever owner of this amp has ran it with 2 tubes pulled. The amp also comes with a non-original generic Apex 2 button foot switch.

So the original owner of this amp used to work as a guitar tech. The amp was originally made by Glen as an XSII before he had ever developed the XSIII. It was tthe first amp Glen did with the cowboy tolex(not sure if thats its actual name but thats what we've called it), and first with the wood face. Due to his work as a guitar tech the original owner built a strong relationship with Glen and when got Mercury Magnetics to custom wind a transformer for him Glen offered to upgrade the amp with the transformer making this the first XSIII Glen made with his custom wound transformer. Since none of the owners to date have really cared about the faceplate it does still have the original XSII faceplate on it. Glen would be happy to make an XSIII faceplate for it if the new owner were to care about something like that.

Since the original owner was a guitar tech this amp has seen quite a bit of studio time. Most notably this amp was on Cancer Bats - Hail Destroyer and one of the Diemonds albums. Sorry I don't know which one but I am sure I could dig through old emails if somebody actually cares. All that to say the brightly coloured tape on the amp are the settings that were used on those sessions. There is a book somewhere with all the sessions the amp was on and the settings used but unfortunately the original owner passed and the book hasnt popped up. If it does happen to pop up, or somebody reading this has it I would be happy to make sure this gets passed on with the amp.

I purchased it off the original owner around 2010 but I worked overseas so the amp stayed with him a lot of time and continued to get used by him live and in the studio. When I came back to Canada in 2016 I sold the amp to another friend who used it in the studio quit a bit. I bought the amp back from him in late 2020 being optimistic Covid would lighten up and I would start playing a lot again. Around the same time I also got the red Morris Muscle 30 back which Glen upgraded the clean channel for an EF86. So needless to say I have been using the Muscle 30 a lot more since it suits what I am playing at the moment a bit more.

The XSIII being made today has evolved a bit and isnt quite the same amp. This has some options on toggles Glen doesnt do anymore, or he just went with one voicing and stuck with it in the current production.

I am looking for $2400(price dropped) shipped. I prefer etransfer but could take paypal if needed. (Hate the fees and waiting for $). I will be honest I don't come to the site often so it might just be easier to email me at [email protected] for a quick response.

Rectangle Audio equipment Electronic instrument Musical instrument accessory Font

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