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More pedals available @ The TubeStore

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Seems they are caring a few more lines.

HAO pedals on sale right now...

EH pedals on sale right now...
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Are those Canadian prices?
Some cool lookin' pedals on there... what's the deal with the Jekyll and Hyde? Everyone says good things but I can never find one to try.
iaresee said:
Are those Canadian prices?
All prices at the Tubestore are in US dollars. Canadian orders are just converted to canadian dollars at the current exchange rate when they process your order. ( you can see all the details in the info section on their site )

I have ordered tubes and some other parts from them in the past. They always gave me good service.
Unless I am mistaken, I think their shipping tends to be a bit costly though no? I guess saving 15$ is saving 15$ at the end of the day though.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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