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Santa says not to get your hopes up this year, he knows where you've been on the internet!

So, here are some tune suggestions to sooth your soul:

1. Presents for Christmas -Solomon Burke
2. Santa Claus is Coming- Ray Charles
3. Winter Wonderland -Annie Lennox
4. Thank God It's Christmas- Queen
5. Santa Claus is Coming -Pointer Sisters
6. That Spirit of Christmas -Ray Charles
7. Blue Christmas -Loretta Lynn
8. Back Door Santa -Clarence Carter
9. Merry Christmas Baby -Sheryl Crow & Eric Clapton
10. Run Run Rudolph- Bryan Adams
11. Lonely This Christmas- Mud
12. Merry Christmas Everybody -Slade
13. Blue Christmas- Gary Hoey
14. Merry Christmas Baby -Tina Turner
15. Five Wishes for Christmas -Steve Martin
16. White Christmas -The Beatles
17. Merry Christmas Baby -Otis Redding
18. Another Christmas Song -Jethro Tun
19. Rockabilly Christmas- Big Bad Voodoo Daddies
20. Christmas All Over Again -Tom Petty
21. Walking'round Bob Rivers
22. Father Christmas -The Kinks
23. Christmas (Please Come Home) - U2
24. I Am Santa Claus - Ozzie

1. Poor Man's X-mas -Smokin' Joe Kubek wl Bnois King
2. Merry Christmas Baby I Please Come Home for Christmas -
Charles Brown
3. Santa Claus Wants Some Lovin' -Albert King
4. I Wanna Be Your Santa Claus -Jerry McCain
5. Please Come Home for Christmas -Johnny Winter
6. Santa Claus, Santa Claus -Louis Jordan
7. Lonesome Christmas -Lowell Fulson
8. Run Rudolph Run -Chuck Berry
9. All I Need for Christmas is You -BB Coleman & Blues Boy Willie
10. At the Christmas Ball -Bessie Smith wl Louis Armstrong
11. How I Hate to See Christmas Come Around -Jimmy
12. Sonny Boy's Christmas Blues -Sonny Boy Williamson
13. Christmas Comes but Once a Year -Charles Brown
& Johnny Otis
14. Merry Christmas Baby -BB King
15. Christmas Tears -Sandra Hall wl Chicago Bob Nelson
16. Every Day Will Be Like a Holiday -William Bell
17. Santa's Messin' with the Kid -Eddie C. Campbell
18. Santa -Lightnin' Hopkins
19. Santa, Don't Let Me Down -Earl King
20. Merry Christmas Baby - Luther Johnson "Guitar Junior"

1. Booge Woogie Santa Claus - Mabel Scott
2. Absent Minded Santa - Jerry McCain
3. Christmas Is Here Again - Little Johnny Taylor
4. Christmas Time - Trudy Lynn
5. Please Come Home For Christmas - Holy Cole
6. One Day Before Christmas - Legendary Blues Band
7. Sad, Sad Christmas - McCain/Coleman
8. Merry Christmas baby - William Bell
9. Blue Christmas - Meditation Singers
10. Gee Whiz It's Christmas - Carla Thomas'
11. Jingle Bells - Bookwer T and The MGs
12. Backdoor Santa - BB King
13. Happy Christmas Tears - Little Jimmy King
14. X-mas Blues - Preston Shannon Band
15. Five Pound Box Of Money - Michelle Wilson
16. I Wanna Spend Christmas With You - Lowell Fulson
17. Merry Christmas Baby - Chuck Berry
18. Empty Stocking Blues - Floyd Dixon
19. May Christmas Bring You Happiness - Chick Willis
20. Sam's Christmas Blues - Anson Funderburgh
21. I Didn't Get Nothin' For Christmas - Vernon Garrett

1. Christmas Celebration - B.B. King
2. Christmas, Don't Forget About Me - Drink 5mqll
3. Run, Rudolph, Run - Roomful of Blues
4. Dig That Crazy Santa Claus - Oscar McLollie & His Honey Jumpers
5. Cool Yule - Louis Armstrong & the Commanders
6. Who Took the Merry Out of Christmas - Staple Singers
7. Santa Done Got Hip - The Marquees
8. Boogie Woogie Santa Claus - Lionel Hampton
9. Five Pound Box of Money - Pearl Bailey
10. Santa Baby - Holly Cole
11. Let's Make Christmas Mean Something - James Brown
12. Lonesome Christmas - Blues Boy Willie
13. Just a Lonely Christmas - Diana Ross & the Suptemes
14. Merry Christmas, Baby - Lionel Hampton & His Orchestra
15. (AII I Want For Christmas) Is To Lay Around - Chick Willis
16. Hey Santa Claus - The Moonglows
17. Santa Claus is Back in Town - Nqppy Brown
18. Christmas Spirit - Julie Lee & Het Boy Friends
19. Christmas Tears - David Dee
20. I Told Santa Claus - Roomful of Blues
21. Wintertime Done Rolled - Lightnin S1im
22. Let's Make Christmas Merry, Baby - Amos Milburn
23. Blues for Christmas - Eddie C. Campbell
24. Please Come Home for Christmas - Chick Willis

Peace, Love & Happiness at Christmas!


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So, anyone else have Christmas music they like besides the usual carols?

Peace, Mooh.

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thats a nice list mooh- but my routine is to listen to my johnny cash collection over and over, with the planet of the apes series silently showing in the background on the tv. i add a little whiskey to my usual intake of beer. and i dont answer the door. ahhh christmas.........

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thats a nice list mooh- but my routine is to listen to my johnny cash collection over and over, with the planet of the apes series silently showing in the background on the tv. i add a little whiskey to my usual intake of beer. and i dont answer the door. ahhh christmas.........
How festive!:D

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fraser...Cool, whatever floats your boat, LOL. You may notice I'm not much into mainstream artists who release a cash grab Christmas cd.

Peace, Mooh.

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Hey Mooh! you forgot "Fairytale of New York" by the Pogues!

Best Christmas opening line ever!

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I mentioned this song in another thread.
(I believe in) Father Christmas - ELP
Good list though.

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Hey starbuck
was in Ireland this past june and upon leaving was given a Pogues compilation, 2 versions of Christmas in New York...the tune grows on me...heritage I guess, I don't know...only "christmas" music i own.

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Here's more, with thanks...

Copy and pasted with permission from the compiler Niles Hokkanen (google him, he's got great mandolin resources like his on-line catalog of books, recordings, back issues of "The Mandocrucian's

(*Christmas themed albums)

Winter/Yule Folk-Rock, Disc 1

1."Fire And Wine" - Steve Ashley Stroll On; The Test of Time
2."Spirit of Christmas" - Steve Ashley; Stroll On Revisited, various - The Electric Muse
3."Gower Wassail" - Steeleye Span Ten Man Mop
4."Winter Winds - Fotheringay; Sandy Denny Who Knows Where The Time Goes
5."Winter Song" - Lindisfarne Nicely Out Of Tune
6."We Sing Hallelujah" - Richard & Linda Thompson I Want To See The Bright Lights Tonight
7."Jack Frost And The Hooded Crow" - Dave Pegg - The Cocktail Cowboy (or: Jethro Tull Christmas Album*
8."Inside" - Jethro Tull Benefit
9."Old Horse" - Martin Carthy The Collection
10."Here We Come A Wassailing" - Lea Nicholson Horsemusic
11."Romjulsgangar" - Bukkene Bruse (Norway) The Loveliest Rose*
12."For Saadan' Mildheds Gaver " - Bukkene Bruse (Norway) The Loveliest Rose*
13."German Tune" (carol) - Shirley & Dolly Collins For As Many As Will
14."The Moon Shines Bright" - Shirley & Dolly Collins For As Many As Will
15."Now Be Thankful" - Fairport Convention Full House (bonus tracks); History Of Fairport Convention
16."A Christmas Song" - Jethro Tull; Living In The Past, This Was (bonus tracks); (other rerecordings: A Little Light Music" (live); The Jethro Tull Christmas Album*)
17."The Sun Never Shines On The Poor" - Richard & Linda Thompson Hokey Pokey
18."Gaudete" - Steeleye Span Below The Salt
19."Cherry Tree Carol"- Pentangle Solomon's Seal
20."Feast Of Stephen" - Mike Heron Smiling Men With Bad Reputations
21."The Holly And The Ivy" - Steeleye Span (45 single)
22."Benedictus" - The Strawbs Grave New World
23."Ring Out Solstice Bells" - Jethro Tull Songs From The Wood; rerecording: The Jethro Tull Christmas Album

Winter/Yule Folk-Rock, Disc 2

1. Lena Willemark & Ale Möller (Sweden) - "Trilo" Nordan
2. Paul McCandless - "Coventry Carol" Windham Hill A Winter Solstice III*
3. Nightnoise - "Snow Is Lightly Falling" Windham Hill A Winter Solstice III*
4. Bukkene Bruse (Norway) - "Mariam hun er en Jomfrureen (Virgin Mary)" The Stone Chair
5. Ensemble Choral du Mout du Monde (breton)- "Nedeleg war ar mor (Christmas At Sea)" Noels Celtique*
6. Annbjørg Lien (Norway) - "A Little Child" Felefeber
7. The Strawbs - "Witchwood" From The Witchwood
8. Maggie Sansone - "Cantiga, A Madre Do Que Livrou" Ancient Noels*
9. Maggie Sansone - "15th Century Dutch Carols: When as The Rose of Jericho/A Year Begins Of Joy and Grace/To Us A Little Child Is Born" Ancient Noels*
10. Fairport Convention - "Journeyman's Grace" Angel Delight
11. Annbjørg Lien (Norway) - "Villvinter" (Wild Winter) Prisme
12. Jethro Tull - Jack Frost and the Hooded Crow Jethro Tull Christmas Album*
13. Mari & Sari Kaasinen (Finland) - "Heinilla härkien kaukalon (There In The Manger)" Can We Have Christmas Now?*
14. Muckram Wakes - "Horse March/Poor Old Horse" A Map of Derbyshire
15. Plainsong - "Raider" In Search of Amelia Earhardt
16. Ale Möller (Sweden) - "Snöflöjt (Snow Flute)" The Horse And The Crane
17. Roger Nicholson - "God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen Fantasy" Nonesuch For Dulcimer
18. Donovan - "People Used To" Open Road
19. Shirley Collins - "Ashen ****** Wassail" Adieu Yo Old England
20. Steeleye Span - "The King" Please To See The King
21. Martin Carthy (w/Dave Swarbrick) - "Lord Of The Dance" The Bonny Black Hare; But Two Came By
22. Na Fili (Ireland) - "Don Oiche Ud I Mbeithil (That Night In Bethlehem)" Na Fili 3
23. Fairport Convention - "Farewell, Farewell" Liege And Lief; Sandy Denny - Who Knows Where The Time Goes

Winter/Yule Folk-Rock, Disc 3

1. "Bewcastle" - Maddy Prior and Rick Kemp
2. "Lament & Jig: Valencia Lament/Apples In Winter" - The Woods Band The Woods Band
3. "January's Snows" - The Woods Band The Woods Band
4. "January Man" - Bert Jansch Moonshine
5. "Lord Franklin" - Pentangle Cruel Sister (or Kevin Burke & Micheal O Domhniall Promenade)
6. "Frozen Man" - James Taylor New Moon Shine; Fairport Convention Old New Borrowed Blue
7. "Christmas Eve" - Andy Irvine Rainy Sundays...Windy Dreams
8. "Fire At Midnight" - Jethro Tull Jethro Tull Christmas Album, Heavy Horses
9. "The Apple-Wassailing Song" - The Watersons For Spence and Spicy Ale
10. "Christmas Hare" - Roger Watson The Pick And The Malt Shovel
11. "Down In Yon Forest" - Polly Bolton
12. "Arthur McBride" - Paul Brady Andy Irvine & Paul Brady
13. "Weathercock" - Jethro Tull Heavy Horses, Jethro Tull Christmas Album
14. "The Plainsman" - Fairport Convention Rosie
15. "The Snows They Melt The Soonest - Dick Gaughan
16. "Rain and Snow" - Pentangle Reflections;
17. "Cold And Raw" - High Level Ranters A Mile To Ride
18. "Turning Into Winter" - Jack The Lad It's Jack The Lad
19. "Lyke Wake Dirge" - Pentangle Basket of Light
20. "Candlemas Carol" - Steve Ashley Stroll On

"Footprints In The Snow" - Muleskinner
"Last Train To Poor Valley" - Norman Blake Fields of November
"The 28th of January" - Fuzzy Mt. String Band
"Christmas Card From A Hooker In Minneapolis" - Tom Waits Blue Valentine
"Dire Wolf" - Grateful Dead Workingman's Dead
"Jimmy Brown The Newsboy"
"Aqualung" - Jethro Tull Aqualung
"Cold Rain and Snow" - Grateful Dead (first album)
"Rain and Snow" - Muleskinner Muleskinner


AC/DC - "Mistress For Christmas" THE RAZOR'S EDGE
Spinal Tap - "Christmas With The Devil" BREAK LIKE THE WIND
Bob Rivers (?) - "Christmas Hell's Bells" (good AC/DC impression)
The Christmas Jug Band (w/Dan Hicks) - Santa Claus Wants Some Lovin'"
Bob Seger - "Sock It To Me Santa" (early Detroit single, pre "Ramblin
Gamblin Man")

Peace, Mooh.

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Last time I checked my X-mas MP3 collection was up near 700 mp3s...

Favs include
Oy To The World
OST The Muppet Christmas Carol
Barenaked For The Holidays
A Very Scary Solstice
Jethro Tull Christmas (Which I won, signed by Ian, off the official site, a couple of years ago)

And Kevin Bloody Wilson's "Hey Santa Clause, You C*nt!"

Anything but that FKin' Christmas Shoes POS! I'd like to kill everyone associated with ever producing, playing or listening to that song!
How's THAT for the X-mas spirit eh?!?!

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well...the answer to your question is complex, but I think I can explain it.

What you need to do is raise the fifth of the harmolydianmelodic scale you are using, and then flat the 5th of the maj7min6add16^13 (to the power of nine) and then, finally, you need to use klangfarbenmelodie and harmoniscratzafitchitz to move the resolving tonical antidisestablishmentarianistic melodynamic pitch center of the musics tonal revolution movement through the nine notes of the whole dimished scale and then finally you take the 9th of the melodic minor scale and add that to the square root of the last 3 scales while patting your head and rubbing your stomach. This should produce the music ideas you have written about. Hope this helps.

PS: Don't forget to harmonize the harmonizationaltical rhetoric meter of the 5th bar in which the lydian major dominant secondary dominant has been omitted.

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""Fairytale of New York" by the Pogues!"
Damn good song, but Christy Moore's cover is the best version

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Chris Issak did a very good Christmas cd. Between that, the Carpenters complilation (IHMO the very best!), and Minipops, I've got Christmas covered.
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