Items For Trade:

Selling or trading my awesome Gibson custom , this guitar was originally a zakk wylde bullseye and has had everything changed on it as well as the finish sanded off to a beautiful satin feel (back of the headstock was left untouched for authentication purposes )
Here is what’s changed on it

Tuners -60’s Grover tuners
Pickups -bare knuckle rebel yell
Pots -not too sure on these but think they are older cts pots
Bridge -pinnacle
Tailpiece -light weight Gibson historic
Frets- evo frets

Guitar has a few dings here and there and a bit of checking and dings on the headstock but no breaks .

Comes with original hardshell case. Coa and original zakk wylde silver shipping box .

If you have ever wanted one of these beauties and didn’t like the bullseye now is your chance !
If you have any questions please feel free to reach out

might consider the right partial trade

Reverb link for more photos

Troglys guitars did a fun episode on this here is the link