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Here's something I've wanted to do for a while… I've just recorded all the rythm guitars of a forthcoming album on my computer, with a dry signal for each track, to be able to do some reamping. So I sent this dry signal to my guitar amp, miked it with a SM 57, and re-recorded the result. But I also wanted to test every modeler I own/can lay my hands on, to see how each of them sounds in this particular context.

So here's the samples of a side-by-side comparison of various modelers, as I recorded them using the same pair (one left, one right) of dry guitar signals. It's not a "one test to rule them all" by any means, as the guitar I used, my technique, the music I play, the sound I like are a very personal thing. Plus here I'm not trying to compare every aspect of these simulators, so you won't hear any clean or crunch sounds, and not effects (no eq or other post processing). It's only a sound comparison of these modelers in the same limited context, heavy rock rythm.

I've focused essentially, but not only, on Soldano, Marshall and Mesa Boogie simulations, using only my custom made patches (I posted my POD XT patches on the old line6 forum, btw)

Modelers used :
Boss GT8
Vox ToneLab (destop version)

I also included a sample of my amp (a Laboga RAD III), and two of the amplitube 2 plugin, although I didn't had much time to explore the later properly.

POD XT Live :

Amplitube :

Laboga Rad 3 (miked with a Shure SM57) :

Boss GT8 dual preamps (for which I used only one of the dry signals) :

Boss GT8 :

Vox Tonelab :

Last but not least, a longer sample, of another song this time. The rythm guitars are from my amp, with added eq, and the lead from amplitube. This is not a final mix, I still got some post-processing to do :

Inspired by Milkman's post, was Googling for Tonelab vs PODxt posts and this one came up. Could be useful to those interested in buying digital stuff or just the plain curious (like me!) so I figured I'd post it.

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hey violation...
excellent stuff here....
I especially liked the mesa simulations...
I wish I wasnt on dial up...and had more time to listen in....
I will

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