I need another Tele like a hole in the head so… Here's an interesting build. Real 1965 neck with a dense and colourful, addictive to play 7-1/4" radius lam board. Tuners are original. I suspect the frets are original... low ... but the guitar plays perfectly. The MJT body was built for this neck and the pickups - made by "Pickup Wizard" - are killer. Even the neck pickup is "balls to the wall" great! The decal is earlier "Spaghetti logo" but original - as Fender did use Transition decals and the earlier spaghetti logo at the same time. The "L" neck plate is the original one that goes with the neck. The body is alder and the guitar weighs 6 lb 14 oz. Comes with a tweed G&G quality case. [email protected] for EMT.