Awesome MJT Strat build, lightweight and resonant - lots of mojo! Punches way over its price point. Purchased off of a fellow forum member who built it. See details below. Located in Cannington, ON. Looking for $1100 plus shipping - no trades thanks! Comes with Fender soft shell case/gig bag.

-Lightweight MJT body (was sold to me as ash, but looks like pine...) Nice shell pink over sunburst (cost me a leg).
-Neck is a USACG(now owned by MJT) finished by MJT with big frets. large/fat profile. .906 at 1st fret and .925 at 12th. (i did use a small neck shim to achieve correct saddles height).
-Fender 59 pickups
-All the hardware is from Fender with the exception of the tremolo which is a real steel saddles and block from Solo pro, kind of import Callaham.
-CTS pots, 5-way switch.
-Fender gig bag.