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Mis-spent youth

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I recently read an article, on Pete Traynor, i think:

anyways it was a reference to "Old Sailor", we preferred the port to the sherry, this was back when it was $1.25 a bottle.

we were on a school bus trip to the TO Musuem and we got stuck in traffic right outside the doors to Barnes Wines. I remember it was a near riot. They wouldn't let us out!

used to skip school around this time of year. Take the bus in to town from the country to school, meet up,head down town and wait for the stores to open and then load up, was always the tallest and/or oldest one to go in, (had to be 21) head for the local conservation area, drink old sailor, (or pilsner if we could find a ride) get drunk and go sucker fishing with our bare hands. worst part was trying to get back to town to get on the bus to get a ride home without being seen by the teachers.

ah the good old days, Hendricks on the radio........

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sounds like it was a blast, Ihad a great youth as well, you had to pay to play video games, so when the quarters ran out mischief ensued :D
You talkin' 'bout me?? You talkin' 'bout me, eh ????
I don't know how I survived puberty, i started smoking cigs at 8 and pot by 11, alcohol was the only thing I was not into much(hated puking :D) by 30 i was pretty much done with substance abuse:tongue: a boy, i was very well-behaved.

i made up for it as an adult, however.


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