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MINT! 2020 Santa Cruz OM Grand Custom "Buttered Toast" Sunburst 1-13/16" Nut & 2-5/16" Bridge!

It's a real rarity to find one of these Santa Cruz OM Grands available with the optional wider nut (1-13/16") & bridge spacing (2-5/16"). ESPECIALLY here in Canada!

As well as the fact that delivery times have increased to about 7-8 months, due to the pandemic.

With the custom ordered 1-13/16" nut width & 2-5/16" string spacing at the bridge; the guitar is a "Finger stylists Delight"!It's amazing just how much of a difference that little extra bit of fingerboard width facilitates your left hands' ability to dance more feely across the fingerboard!


It is also absolutely FLAWLESS! ...There is not a mark on it!

This is an Absolute "No Excuses" Guitar!

Here are the guitars’ specs:

Santa Cruz OM Grand

Mahogany back & sides
European (German) spruce top
Mahogany neck
Advanced X Bracing Adi / Hot Hide Glue construction
1- 13/16” nut -"Custom"
2- 5/16” bridge - "Custom"

V neck profile
25.375” scale
Solid peghead
Ebony overlay
Ebony fingerboard
Ebony bridge
Ivoroid body binding - c/w- "white / black / white" Purfling - "Custom"
Ivoroid Fingerboard binding - c/w- "white / black / white" Purfling - "Custom"
Ivoroid headsrtock binding - c/w- "white / black / white" Purfling - "Custom"
Herringbone rosette
Herringbone top purfling
42 Style inlay ‘only' @ 12th fret fingerboard - "Custom"
Mother Of Pearl SCGC head inlay
"Subtle" Buttered Toast Sunburst top - "Custom"
Nickel/Ivoroid Waverlys
Bone bridge/end pins
Upgraded Greven Tor Tis pick guard - "Custom"
Standard Ameritage case

New Price -$7745.00 USD + S&H , Taxes & Brokerage fees. ( Which is equivalent to "approximately" $10,850.00 CDN at todays exchange rate)

Asking $7500. CDN (net to me) + S&H

This is an AMAZING playing & sounding guitar. Incredibly responsive to even the lightest touch.

So, if you’re a Finger Style player looking for a guitar with more BASS response than an OM or 000; then this is the guitar for you!

I ordered it with the wider 1-13/16” nut width & 2-5/16” string spacing at the bridge. ( What I believe makes it 'Custom' as I'm sure that 99% of these OM Grands are built with a more standard nut width of 1-3/4" & 2-3/16" bridge) So if you have larger hands, as I do; this slightly wider neck will accommodate you wonderfully!

Can also be seen on the Acoustic Guitar Forum (AGF)!

* PS- Don't fret about the pics on the hardwood floor. I have 3 strategically placed microfibre cloths between the guitar & the floor *


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This is an absolutely beautiful guitar. It has been haunting me so I hope someone will buy it soon :D I had a 97 SCGC OM years ago and it was a killer little guitar with the most comfortable neck. The neck dimensions on yours are my favorites as well - I have the same on my custom Beneteau SJ. GLWTS!
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