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Robert1950 said:
I was at 12th Fret and tried of a number of guitars in $500+ range, and a couple of $800 Teles. The MIM Standard Strats were the nicest. Felt good. Sound Ok at low volume ( Used a Fender Blues Junior )

I was puzzled? I'd tried a large number out at Steves and some used ones at a few other stores, including JV Squiers (They were fine). It didn't take me long to figure out that the two at 12th were well set up. The ones at Steve's were tried out to death by JH, SRV and Shredder Wannabes. The set ups sucked. There were even a few with frayed strings.

12th Fret has nice little playing rooms in which you close the doors and play way without distractions. This store has class, and prices competitive, or lower, than the other main stores. I want/need a basic strat style axe. I think I might pick one up in a month or two.

And they got first class guitar techs and luthiers upstairs (prices are high, but worth it). Had some work done already by these guys.

I was there last week and alomst picked up a HRR Strat. These were made for a short period in the 90's and had lots of goodies on them if you played rock guitar in the 90's you would know what I am talking about. These came fitted with the Original Floyd Rose, Dimarzio Humbucker, TBX tone control,Tone control with coil tap and the Fender Micro Tilt necks. The plate on the back has USA and the necks have made in Japan. These are usually a bargin if you can find them that day I found 2 and bought the one form the Guitar Shop in Mississagua in Sonic Blue. The one at the 12th fret is nice however the 2 trem studs need to be fixed not a big deal. I picked up the blue one because the Guitar shop is closer to me they were the same price $550. The HRR stands for "Hot Rod Reissue" back in the early 90's people were hacking up their strats and having them fitted fro Floyd's and Humbuckers.
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