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So last night I'm doing the what mike goes where thing-On a lark I miked through my Spider II (modelling amp)-now i know the amp is made for a guitar-but WOW-(amp has preset "tones")
First off, I can't sing.
Initially i got a bit of squeeling -DUH-had to get behind the amp. I went from I can't sing to maybe-from my thin voice to rich/thick blues voice to typical strip bar DJ voice to robotic voice-went past metal, then crunch then on to insane.
At the insane setting-WOW-all i had to do was just open my mouth and/or hum-better than Frampton, in fact to my ear my voice was doing Hendrix-WOW
This amp comes with a pedal set up, which i don't know how to work yet. Pedal would help from having to lean over the amp to adjust.
Aside from the cats and dogs cocking their heads and ears to the side I was very impressed.
If I can be assured that this will not hurt the amp then man I think I have found the PERFECT effect tool for my vocals.
RIFF (the voice) RAFF
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