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Michael is best known for his hit Bluer Than Blue. He died yesterday after a long illness.

When asked what he would have you know about himself, Michael says:

  • "Tell them that I love it." He started playing at age thirteen and just never quit. Singing, playing, writing and recording are the only things he's ever done and he loves it.

  • "Tell them I play guitar." He really plays guitar. He studied in Barcelona and he plays on all his records with a unique and distinctive style. His playing is an important part of his show.

  • "I am a soloist at heart." Michael often performs alone, and he has elevated the art. He prefers the intimacy and spontaneity of a show that can change with the moment.

  • "Tell them I'm a showman. I like to talk to people and I love to make them laugh. And, of course, I have to move them with the music. That's the whole thing. Without that, there is no reason to be on stage."

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