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now what type of radius do these usually have?...and are most mexi strats with the old bridge , "classic series"?...cause i know my old mexi (60's styled headstock), had low action and didn't buzz out...i wonder if it had the original 7.25 radius or 9.25? i wish my vintage '62 reissue actually had a 9.25...but i guess that defeats the difficult would it be to put on a classic highend 9.25 radius neck on my vintage 62 ? (it's in the shop for the setuip so i don't know how it is gonna work out (action wise)...but the more i read the more i am afraid of the 7.25 radius...although it strikes me as strange as hendrix and many others would have all been playing strats with similar necks even the 70's strats had that radius)....and does anyone out there play an old vintage strat with 7.25 radius? you have to have high action? as a result?
thanks for ANY replies. - Otis
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