Unfortunately, I find myself with fewer and fewer opportunities to really open this amp up. And it really needs to be opened up to be at its best.
This is my second RA100, I liked my first one enough that I bought another after selling my Soldano.
If you can open it up, this amp is a beast. It's definitely more Bogner sounding than your typical Mesa. Tons of pre-amp gain, but really needs the power tubes humming to get it's defining sound. It has the Multi Soak feature. It does attenuate, but it's more of a power amp damper than your traditional attenuator. It works really well at setting the desired level of sag.
And it has a f--k ton of low end at high volume. But it's not bass. It's more like a low end presence, without being boomy. I promise that your sound guy will hate it.lol
This amp was essentially NOS when I bought it a few months ago. It sat in a studio full of other amps, and was used sparingly.
I'd consider trades on this one. I'd also be willing to throw in some cash, or include some of the other things I have for sale in the effects section.
I'm looking for something either lower wattage, takes well to being turned down, or takes external attenuators well.
The original foot switch was not included with this amp, so I had my amp guy build me a new one. He really did a great job. It does everything the original did, but it's a third the size, so it takes up a lot less board space.
Any questions, feel free to ask.
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