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Here's a wonderful amp for sale, bought new in the last year it was produced (2003) and used as a studio amp in Montreal for its entire life, at Studio Piccolo and Visual Music. It's a one-owner amp in excellent condition and perfect working order. It was used live @5 times in almost 20 years, always transported by a bonded cartage company, so it has led a pleasantly sheltered life. It's now in Toronto, resting comfortably in my man-cave.

One nice feature is the auto re-bias switch that let’s you swap 6L6 for EL34 tubes (currently running 6L6). It has all the good Mesa stuff as shown in the pix - three discrete channels, recording out/phones out, serial/parallel FX loop, speaker outs, slave out, independent reverb controls/channel and more. Very tonally flexible amp that sounds great running clean, gritty, distorted up the wazoo - whatever. All you want to know, including downloadable users manuals, here:

Comes with its original footswitch and cable as well. Take this superb American-made amp away for a mere $1,500. Shipping? Sure, for actual cost. I'd remove the OEM Black Shadow speaker (heavy) and ship that in a separate box.

Come on down!
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