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Since I didn't want to put studs on any bike tires, I was bored and needed something to do. I've always wanted to do a couple of mods to my LSS but I thought I'd wait until the warranty had expired (those damn 5 year warranties LOL).

I did the Reeder mod (details in Grailtone site, if your interested) and the 'footswitchable drive' mod.

The Reeder Mod changes the gain structure of channel 2 a bit (I think) by swapping two pots. I guess, making it more like channel 1. So far, I find it a little easier to dial in and haven't found what I've given up yet.

The drive mod allows the Drive switch on the front (adds another preamp stage and a level control to channel 2 for more gain) to be footswitchable. I mod'd the reverb jack on the back to work for this instead.

Now with a 3 button footswitch, I can control channels, drive and solo/boost functions. Years ago, I bought a coupled of used broken f/s for my Sunn TC50. I was only able to get one to work by robbing parts, but I still had the other kicking around. So I ripped it apart, cut some traces and added some jumpers and resistors and another mono jack and can control all three functions via a stereo and mono cables between f/s and amp.

So far, it's working great in Madison Square Livingroom, but I won't be able to say for sure until I take it out and work it. Thankfully, the snow is gone because everything after this is much more complicated.

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