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Mesa Cab Price Jump

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Was at Long & McQuade recently and the Mesa 2x12 has gone from just over $600 to over $900... WTF?!? A 2x12 for a $1000 is absolutely ridiculous. Have they put gold leaf between the plywood plys?
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This price jump is fairly recent, and on par with US pricing. While I appreciate what Mesa is saying in that post it still doesn't justify jumping in price like that. $300 in one year for a 2x12 cab.... give me a break. Maybe on their amps which are obviously much more complex and require R&D to develop, but we're talking about a plywood box here. Not even ported or theile or what have you, just a simple 2x12 cab with v30s. Other companies can be worse though. I bought a Petrucci Musicman back in 2009 and they have gone up $100 per year since I purchased mine. I doubt those kinds of increases are anything but greed. Eventually they just price themselves out of the market.
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