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Here is a new offering from Mesa Engineering. Sounds very interesting,

50 Watts, Class A/B Power / 2xEL-34, 5x12AX7, 1x5U4

Fixed Bias for Consistent, Maintenance
Free Performance

2 Fully Independent Channels with 6 Modes (Channel 1 = Fat Clean, Tite Clean or Crunch (Cloning Channel 2), Channel 2 = Crunch, Tite Gain or Fluid Drive)

Channel Assignable Dual Rectification (Diode or Tube Tracking – Patent Pending)

Independent Gain, Treble, Mid, Bass, Presence & Master Controls per Channe

“Variac” Switch

Output Level Control (over all channels when activated)

Solo Level Control – Patent 6,724,897 (over all channels when activated)

All-Tube FX
Loop with Send Level Control (over all channels when activated)

True “Hard” Bypass
Switch that removes FX Loop, Output Level & Solo Level Controls from signal path

Slave Out with Level Control

External Switching Jacks for Channels 1, 2 & Solo


2 Button Footswitch (Channel 1/2 & Solo)
Choice of:
Emerald Bronco & Tan Grille OR Black Taurus & Black Grille

Head (Width TBA)

1x12 Closed Back Combo • V30 Speaker
• Casters

2x12 Closed Back Combo • V30 Speakers
• Casters

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boogies rock, but i will say that with the endless options on their amps you can get discouraged fast trying to dial in your tones. I have a Mark 2 that sounds wonderfull for all types of styles, for blues and classic rock it gets the job done as well as chimy cleans to metal mayhem(with pedal in front).

that being said, my classic 30 just murders the boogie for rock&blues, I just plug in the C30 with no fussing with knobs and rock out, I guess if you are a one amp kind of person the boogies are nice, but the one trick pony's are awesome at what they are meant to do.

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I rented one for a month, gigged with it a few times. Really liked having a crunch and lead channel instead of a clean and lead channel. I'm not usually Boogie fan, more of a Marshall and Marshall inspired fan, but like this amp.

IMO... better sounding amp than the DSL 50 I have, better definition and harmonic complexity. Not nearly in the same league as my Bad Cat Hot Cat. However much more flexible as a gigging amp than my Hot Cat.

The loop is good, love the solo boost, small delay in switching channels on the fly. Noticable if you play in a three piece.

Prefered it through a semi-open back Avatar 2x12 ( Hellatone 60s) than the 1x12 close back combo. Both had V30s, just perfered the bigger cabinet. If I was to buy one, I would by the head.
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