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Hey Mesa Mark V'ers,

I recently picked up a Mesa Mark V combo, and I'm really diggin' the plethora of tones it has. I discover something new about it almost every day I play it.

I've decided to explore its tonal palette a little more deeply by replacing some/all of its tubes. I have a quad of el34s on the way, but I thought I'd play around with the preamp tubes too. I'm wondering what your tonal experiences have been with different 12AX7 brands/models in different slots the Mark V? Any that you recommend?

For reference, I play a wide range of styles (blues, jazz, rock, fusion, etc.) and tones (clean-clean, to edge-of-break-up, to classic rock, to balls-to-the-walls hard rock). I don't play metal much, even though it's fun to pretend sometimes with the gain way up on the channel 3 modes.
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