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It's almost August so it's time to get serious. Monday will be my 21st week of no work so some things need to be done. This is not a sob story by any means and not one of financial need (yet :)) . I am actually grateful for the time off.
But downsizing must happen so some special things need to go.
If the above isnt clear, this means NO TRADES.

Maybe the most special Boogie ever made, the 2014 Kingsnake. I have had (and still have) many Boogie's, IMHO this is the tops. While it's based on Santana's early Mk 1, it is much more than that.
The crazy thing is in 10 watt mode it is the best bedroom amp you can buy. But I also have never used it at the gig in any other setting than 10 watts.

This is #048 of 600 world wide. The plaque inside the amp is hand signed by Carlos Santana and Randall Smith
56lbs ....for the "this amp is too heavy" comment folks.

Blah Blah Blah stuff from Boogie

Replica of Carlos Santana’s Original Mesa Boogie!

According to Cheech and Chong, if you play loud you will either get tinnitus or you won’t be able to have babies. Well now you can get that loud amp tone without fear of those terrible repercussions thanks to this Limited Edition Replica of Carlos Santana's Original Mesa Boogie tube guitar amplifier! Behold- The KING SNAKE 1x12 combo! 100 watts of succulent, sustaining, high gain tone.

The original Mesa Boogie amp that Carlos Santana toured with in the early '70s literally changed the world of tone as we know it. It was “The Original” high gain amplifier. Now, Mesa Boogie has faithfully recreated that tone with the new King Snake Limited Edition 1x12" all-tube combo amplifier. This extremely toneful, single-channel guitar amp sports tried and true Mesa/Boogie features for flexibility, including Multi-Watt Selectable Power, Duo-Class Power Amp and a Boost control. An exclusive Blackface/Tweed Presence Control Switch toggles between two of the most coveted presence circuits ever and a tube-driven reverb and effects loop make the King Snake Limited Edition 1 x 12" all-tube combo amplifier an amp that’s ready to rock in any situation. The legendary sound of Mesa/Boogie is built right in!

The Mesa/Boogie King Snake Limited Edition amplifier retains the original amp's voice and vibe with updated tonal flexibility-

The amps Carlos Santana used in the early '70s set the stage for today's modern channel-switching, high-gain amps. Mesa/Boogie got together with Carlos to create a tribute amp with the sound and vibe of his original Boogie amps. The King Snake is a replica of Carlos's amp, all the way down to the unique chassis size and the Snake-embossed lambskin covering. But, Randall Smith and the engineers at Boogie went a little further and updated the amp with some of their most popular amplifier improvements. This amp sports Mesa's full-blown Multi-Watt Channel Assignable Power with Duo-Class technology, letting you run your power tubes in any of three different wattage ratings (10/60/100) per channel - each having its own tone-bending wiring configuration and operating class!

This 100 watt, 1x12 combo is actually a highly versatile tube guitar amplifier-

The single-channel Mesa/Boogie King Snake amp is the original "wolf in sheep's clothing" of the guitar-amplifier world. Input 1 delivers Mesa Boogie's original multi-stage cascading-gain mode. This input runs through Volumes 1 and 2 for fat tones ranging from clean to scream. Just mix the two controls to taste. Input 2 is a normal-gain mode that only uses Volume 2. The built-in Mid/Boost control works as a normal mid control from 1-5 on the dial, but from 5-10 it adds midrange gain for thicker, more saturated tone. A Switchable Presence Control, exclusive to the King Snake, lets you choose a warmer, more compressed Blackface character or a brighter tone with a lightning-fast attack reminiscent of Tweed amps. The Mesa/Boogie King Snake Limited Edition combo guitar amplifier is a flexible amp in a compact and portable package- perfect for gigging musicians!

Choose between 10 watt, 60 watt or 100 watt power output and class settings

The Mesa/Boogie King Snake is a flexible amp for any situation. In the studio you can set it to the 10-watt mode for pure, Class A, single-ended magic. The 60-watt setting features Class A/B push-pull output that's ideal for club work and smaller gigs, while the King Snake's 100-watt Class A/B setting can be utilized for Ginormo-Dome gigs where serious air needs moving. This impressive tonal and volume flexibility is made possible by Mesa/Boogie's Duo-Class and Multi-Watt technologies that deliver multiple wattages and both single-ended and push-pull configurations in the same amplifier.

1971 was the year that Carlos Santana performed a concert at the Budokan Japan using his secret weapon, a very early Mark I Mesa Boogie amplifier. This is the guitar amplifier that inspired Legends and changed the role and musical range of the electric guitar. Famous for its expressive vocal violin-like tone and sustain, its sound is unmistakable yet unique and musical in the hands of each player.

Features include 1-channel, 1 x 12" Fillmore KS-100 Speaker, all-tube 10/60/100-watt guitar combo amplifier with mid boost. Other features include a tube-driven spring reverb, dual presence control switch, all aluminum chassis and slip cover. Each of these limited edition amps have custom-aged King Snake embossed lambskin leather with extruded edge moldings, vintage weave grille and are hand signed by Carlos and Randy.

I find the demos online of this amp mostly suck. There is one cool one of a dude with a Tele. That's about it.
The amp is in as new condition.





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