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Tired of reading negativity, this is about positivity and I want to share it.

Such a great story posted on L&M FB page. The take away - “Happiness is all that matters” and it’s the experience, not the NGD.

“Mike Ogilvie shared this awesome story about his dad!

A bonding experience I will never forget -
I was lucky enough to purchase one of James Hetfield’s Special Edition Snakebyte Baritone Guitars by ESP. I had lunch with the old man and showed him a picture of my exciting purchase. He looked at it and thought it was a beautiful guitar. To my surprise he asked, “Can you order me one of those? I want one!” I thought he was joking as my father has never touched a guitar in his life...he wasn’t joking. I called Long & McQuade (Winnipeg) and managed to get the last one of only a few coming to Canada (Only 500 were made worldwide) Weeks later, I received a phone call that the guitars had arrived. We opened them up and some in-store hilarity ensued. My Dad rocked out hard, Metallica shirt and all! We were belly laughing. Everyone had a great time. Initially my Father stated he was going to hang the guitar on his wall as “Playable art”. On the ride back, he asked if one of my friends was home, a specific friend that is currently going through very trying times. My friend, being a huge fan of Metallica and an awesome guitarist, was in awe that I had managed to get my hands on this guitar. My friend was even more blown away when my Dad turned to him and said, “This one is yours.” We all laughed uncontrollably and hugged it out between laughter. What a day. My Dad not only supported me in what I’m passionate about but JOINED me in my madness knowing and understanding how much it means to me. A bonding experience I will never forget. I asked if he ever actually planned to hang the guitar on his wall. He said, “No, I had alot of fun with you today Mike...and seeing your friends face light up in joy was all I cared about. Happiness is all that matters.” This ESP guitar is now a symbol of a bond, a positive new energy and an excitement that will ring out through it’s strings for many years to come. Thanks Dad, you rock!”

Mike and his Dad in pic below:

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