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Maybe it's the air we are breathing

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I try to imagine my Father at that age rolling around on the grass in a fight... nope, just not possible. What is going on? 65 and 71 years old respectively

Cyclist bloodied after road rage beating
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Asshole. No excuses, I hope they throw the book at him. Just happened to have a club in his pocket did he?

On the plus side at least the people filming it went to his assistance, didn't just stand around watching the beating, good thing it wasn't those asshole kids in Florida.
Not condoning any kind of violence but there has to be more to the story. He did not just decide to jump out of the truck and beat the guy up. Sounds to me like two old men gone berserk. Had to be an altercation of some kind.
I've said it here before, many a time, and will say it again: as a culture we have supported and encouraged and enabled impatience more than we realize. Look at your technology. Look at the paper. Look at ads. Look at how many approach childrearing or education. And ask yourself how much it is predicated on doing or having or being something FASTER. AFAIC, many of the fatal interactions with law enforcement stem from impatience on the part of police. A great deal of vehicular fatalities and injuries arise out of impatience. People just don't want to wait, and when they are forced to, the sheer unfairness of it provokes rage because, after all, isn't everyone else able to do, have, or be that thing faster than you?

If we are being poisoned by anything, it isn't the air. It's the manner in which we surround ourselves, and predicate our economy, on "faster", "sooner". As someone who views patience as the virtue it has traditionally been, I'll be the first to admit that I'm as susceptible to the encouragements to impatience as anyone. Hard to fight when one is surrounded by it each and every day.

Evolutionary psychologists Leda Cosmides and John Tooby have proposed that detection of "cheating" is so fundamental to the social evolution of humans, and so essential to the social cohesion humans require for survival, that "cheater detectors" are likely hard-wired into the human brain, in the same way that other perceptual feature detectors are. Whether one ascribes to that possibility or not, I think the primacy of our response to "cheating" is undeniable. What is interesting to me is how that maps onto contemporary life.

Think about how easily people get riled by someone else doing, having, or being something before us, especially if we feel WE should have had that opportunity first, or were somehow more deserving. Think about how the ease with which the accusation of cheating has been exploited for political purposes. Think about how it gets used for union purposes. Think about the role it plays in many of the conflicts going on around the world.

There is little doubt in my mind that the urge toward impatience has been woven into that human tendency. We would be wise to be cautious about it.
Agreed 100%....
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