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Maybe it's the air we are breathing

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I try to imagine my Father at that age rolling around on the grass in a fight... nope, just not possible. What is going on? 65 and 71 years old respectively

Cyclist bloodied after road rage beating
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WTF He was charged with aggravated assault and assault with a weapon and was released until court. Who is next ? Idiot driving around with a club and a axe to grind with someone out getting a little exercise not wanting to burn fuel and wear out his vehicle. "Get off my road."
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I was totally expecting this to be in the USA. Well this is embarrassing. If it is something in the air, it is because St. Catharines is so close to NY State, winds from the east and southeast must bringing something across the border.
Peterborough it says about three times in big bold letters.
I think the states have some things right like the ability for non criminals to carry a fire arm. If he came out of the vehicle with his club (deadly weapon ) you would have the right to put a slug right between his eyes. If you did the math with population taken into account I doubt Canada is far behind the US. Take a place like Texas with the death penalty and ability to carry a fire arm probably less violent crime than Ontario. Criminals don't mess with you if you could be packing heat legal.
i had a guy threaten to attack me on the job a few yrs ago. i told him there and then that if he started something i wouldn't stand for it,
That must be a sheet metal thing. Close as I came to battling at work was in that trade. I got out of it , too many idiots.
Now I'm wondering whether the guy in the truck is a sheet metal guy
Probably retired Tin Knocker. Frustrated he no longer has a apprentice to brow beat every day.
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