Ready? A lot of Tone-Treats about to hit you in the ol’ gear-gullet….

Maxon OD-820 Overdrive Pro — 200.
Handmade in Japan. Every pedal in this series (Maxon Vintage Series) is exceptional. With this one, think more refined tubescreamer that works much like a Klon when used as a boost.

Mu-Tron Phasor iii — 290.
Is this a very killer and most excellent phase shifter? Indeed.

Sabbadius 1966 Germanium Fuzz SOLD
Most Hendrix fuzz i have found. Really cool builder, look into him! Info on this pedal here:

And, good ol’ RJ doing a sweet demo of it can be found here:

Sabbadius ‘69 Funky Vibe — SOLD. Regarded as one of the best Univibe pedals available for good reason. A painstakingly nerdy effort by the builder. Hard to find these.

Marshal Guv’nor VI — 225. It is the MIK version. That is not a bad thing. These pedals are very good and have an especially useful EQ that covers a lot of range.

Fulltone Supa-Trem — SOLD Itsa supa. Trem. You know, rock solid and sounds good. I mean SUPA!!

Digitech Whammy 4 — 200.
It WHAMS. It BAMS. But will it thank you, ma’am? Yes, if you are sweet to it, which means getting down and dirty, by which i mean….(sorry, moving along….)

Swart Night Light Attenuator + Stereo Drive SOLD This pedal does a lot of stuff other than just attenuate up to 22 watts. See:

Swart Night Light Attenuator & Stereo Drive

Lee Jackson Vibrator Trem — 150. Pretty rare and unique-sounding trem from the guy who makes my favourite spring reverb pedal, the Mr. Springgy.