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I just received an email from a friend that has some questions about an amp. He is trying to get information about the correct speaker OR sort out the best replacement.

"I've just picked up a Mason model 5 tube amp. Was made in Galt in the 50s. Not a lot of info on these and every one i can find has a different speaker in it. Some are 12s, some 10s and one had a field coil set up. No two are alike yet. Mine has a 12 alnico , 8 ohm, KET 12 on the magnet, 4-356 on the cone. I have the feeling the speaker is wrong.

Would you mind reaching out to the Guitars Canada family and see if any original owners are out there or have an original amp and could provide speaker info.

Even if someone has one with a modern speaker and what there thoughts are on the best swap."

Thanks for your comments/suggestions.


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