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Marshall 8080 Valvestate Combo

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Anyone ever owned one of these, or had any experience with them?
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I've fixed a fair amount of them. They tend to get cold/bad solder joints because of too much heat trapped inside the chassis. They aren't a terrible sounding amp, but I find the distortion on them too digital.
Had one a few years back for a while. Ripper is right on with the distortion sounding a bit digital but not a bad amp otherwise. No reliability problems with mine.
They're good for the price, nice 'n loud, and I've heard that if you put a celestion vintage 30 in them they sound pretty good. I don't find the distortion too bad but I do find that the clean channel is kinda muddy.

btw, mines still for sale.:wink:
Got a dude here locally that has one for $200.00 and I am thinking that for this price I will pick it up and give it a spin.
i have a valvestate head which is the avt50h model. it actually sounds really good. marshall did a good job on these amps. im trying to sell mine aswell because i want to to move up on a head. im getting an orange 2X12 cab tomorrow and thats definately going to be a weird combination so im definately going to need a valve amp
Speaker change

Recommendations for a replacement speaker for this unit?
GuitarsCanada said:
Recommendations for a replacement speaker for this unit?
I have two celestions that were taken out of a Valvestate (the 2 X 12 stereo chorus model).

Why are you replacing the speaker(s)? if they're blown i could sell the two I have for a reasonable amount.

By the way, the amp I had is now used my my keyboardist (doubles on guitar) and is a great alternative to a Roland JC120. The stereo chorus is very similar, but the distortion is MUCH beter. Great amp for the money actually. I gigged with it for around five years or more.
The dude that had the amp before me took out the original, the one that is in there now sucks.
I used to own one.

Was good for me. Even used it in the studio....
The model I had (and which my keyboardist now uses for his guitar duties) was the 8240, which was like a Roland JC120 but with much better distortion sounds.

As I said, I have two extra of the stock Celestion speakers should you need them.
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