Final price reduction to $8k, shipping to be discussed. This is an excellent price for a guitar of this spec from one of Canada's finest luthiers

What to say about this one ... dare I say the finest acoustic guitar I have ever owned or played in my 30 years as a plunker. Some of you will remember that this guitar was listed here very briefly back in Dec 2021 before I worked out a trade plus cash deal involving another Beneteau that I owned. Since I bought it, I purchased a Canadian-made Calton (made for a Takamine but a perfect fit), and also sent the guitar to Marc back in August to have him install a K&K Mini, EVO Gold frets and also replace the 2-1/4" pinned bridge with my preferred pinless bridge with increased 2-5/16" spacing.

I could go on and on about this instrument and am happy to discuss further with anyone who is interested. I have a love affair with Marc's work and this is the 5th and finest example I've owned.

Model M, completed in 2015 (Base price $7kUSD) - Models — Beneteau Guitars
1-3/4" nut, 2-5/16" bridge spacing
25.4" scale length
EVO Gold frets - .047 x .095", installed by Marc in August 2022
Lutz spruce top ($400USD) w/sunburst finish ($250USD)
Brazilian Rosewood back and sides ($5k USD)
Venetian cutaway ($300USD)
BRW pinless bridge ($150USD)
BRW fretboard w/ BRW binding
BRW headstock overlays
3pc neck (maple/BRW/maple) - profile is Med C shape and relatively shallow (similar to Froggy Bottom) - I can dig out measurements if interested
Laskin bevel ($500USD)
Burl rosette ($150USD)
Koa binding
Gotoh 510 tuners
K&K Mini pickup, installed by Marc in Aug 2022

Current replacement value of this one is in the neighbourhood of $14kUSD not including the case. I missed a few of the upcharges as I need to confirm with Marc.

I'm working on some clips and will also post more pics tonight. Just wanted to get this listed today as I've been putting it off and I'm feeling brave :LOL: