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$190 CAD shipped within Canada excluding territories.

Selling my lightly used (2 months) MannMade bridge for Gibson. Comes with a spare set of brass saddles as the current saddles were notched to a custom-built guitar.

Please note the bridge is hand machined so it arrived with scuff marks etc... from the hand tooling.

The sale is final and no returns are accepted for any reason, so please ask questions before purchasing.

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From their website:
MannMade USA Intonatable Stoptail Bridge
Polished Aluminum

Designed as direct replacement for all Gibson® and Epiphone® stoptail bridges.
Lightweight bridges are precision machined from aircraft grade Aluminum, fitted with brass saddles & studs. These bridges have a clear singing tone, with a full rich bottom end and tons of sustain.

  • Direct retrofit for all Gibson® Guitars
  • String spacing E-E = 2-1/16"
    String Radius = 12"
  • Bridge - Aircraft grade Aluminum billet, Precision machined, Polished
  • Saddles - Precision Machined Brass billet, unslotted, Tumble Finished
  • Studs - Precision Machined Brass billet, Polished, Nickel Plated
  • Stud Spacing = 2-1/4" (center to center)
  • Hardware - Brass Intonation Screws & Brass Rough Adjust Screws

MannMade USA # 2310-P

* Please Note *
  • Gibson US model guitars are supplied with 5/16-24 US Studs.
  • Epiphone model guitars are supplied with M8 x1.25 Metric Studs.
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