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Mack Amps

Robert1950 said:
This is the 1x12 closed back cab that has my interest. It comes with an Eminence Wizard for $300 US.

Hiya Robert1950,

I've owned the 18 watt Mack Amps head and the above speaker cab for about six months and am very impressed with both. The head delivers great tube-amp tone and is wonderfully responsive - with a just twist of your guitar volume or even by varying your pick attack.

A lot of thought seems to have gone into designing the cabinet to match this head. I am astounded at the headroom I have with this pair. Most 18 watters are great for practicing or low-volume jams, but I can easily gig with this set-up, unmiked, in small to medium-sized venues.

The front vented Mack cab captures the punch and presence of a sealed cab without soundy boxey. One of the beautiful things about EL84 amps is the chimey high end and this speaker cab presents that very nicely. So far, I've only used this cab with my Dr. Z Carmen Ghia (another EL84 18 watter) and the Ghia also sounds great thru it.

The Mack Amps Heatseeker HS-18 head and the CB 1x12 speaker cabinet are top quality pieces and they're great bargains. I love mine.

What kind of head are you planning to play thru this cabinet?

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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