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Just learned from another forum that Lovepedal periodically throws a bunch of pedals up for special discounts anywhere from free on up. I saw they had a Hermedia zendrive up for free but of course it was gone. I hear its near impossible to be quick enough to grab those.
Anyway they had a blackface deluxe pedal up there for $50. I've been wanting to try that pedal and there have been a couple of used ones on Kijiji for sale in the GTA area (about an hour or more drive for me) for $110-$120. So I figure for $50 I'd give it a try. If I like it great. Hopefully I'll like it enough to at least be able to use until my Kingsley double page pedal is ready which should be 6 to 8 months.
Of course by the time I paid the $35 international shipping and converted the currency it came to exactly $110, the same I could have gotten it used. But #1 I didn't have to leave my house and #2 its new.

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