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hi guys - looks like I might be one lucky fella. Let me tell you a small story and maybe we can all contribute good-luck bass stories.

It all started with getting a bass for x-mas. After a 12-year hiatus, my friends decided I needed to play again so they got me the cheapest lefty they could find - Squier P, which they had to pick up in Brampton. Luck part #1: this thing is tighter, sweeter, awesomer than any other lefty bass under $400.00 I have ever played. I don't know why, but it rocks. I've picked up other Squiers and yup, they suck.
Luck part #2: looking to buy myself a bass amp. Decide I've got a $400.00 budget. Go to Steve's, go to Songbird (Nemesis was already gone...), go to Capsule and nothing! Nothing, nothing, nothing. I was hoping to find a yorky 100w or something, but nope. scrap. then I go to Paul's Boutique. And there it is. Fender Bassman 25, kickback for $250.00. Loud, lots of options, great tone. Give Paul $250.00, walk away with coolest little bass amp in the world.
In between - upgrade bass with DiMarzio model P. Cream-coloured. Love it! Upgrade bass with Bassline Q-Pounder Jazz. Awesome tone.
Luck part #3: friend has a Trace Series 6 head - 350W, works like a charm, unless you want the EQ. It's broke and no shop she went to can fix it. She gives it to me for $200.00. Been using it as a power amp to my Fender as a pre-amp. Somebody needs me or my gear for a gig, they have a built-in monitor.
Luck part #4: last night, went back to Paul's Boutique - just bought a home-made 2x10 for $150.00. Paul was nice enough to let me take it home first just to test it with my gear. It rocks!

All of this folks to say that 1, yes, you can be lucky sometimes and 2, Paul's Boutique rocks!!!! go there. Have fun. Talk to Paul. He's cool. - and no, I'm not affiliated, I'm just happy to let you know how great this store is.

I'd love to hear everyone else's bass luck stories - preferably good luck stories.
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