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Hey Lolligagger,

How much are you looking to spend? If you pick up a Mackie 1202 mixer, an SM 57 and 58 you will be more than good for what you are doing. The 57 and 58 are used professionally everywhere (although not the "ideal" mic for acoustics) and the Mackie's preamps are as good as anything you will find until you get into so big buck gear.

I wouldn't bother just buying really cheap stuff as ultimately you will want better stuff and have to replace it. The above gear is stuff you will/can always use and isn't that pricey.

BTW, I used a Yamaha MT8X for years.

lolligagger said:
Okay, something simple came my way...I borrowed a Yamaha MT4X from a friend at work who was a guitar mercenary back in the day. He says I can pretty much use it indefinitely as it was taking up space in a box in his basement.

Now I just need a microphone...any suggestions? Is it possible to get a microphone that will pick up my vocals and guitar at the same time, or a couple of guitars jamming acoustically in the same room, or do you all think I should just pick up a couple of Shure 57's and maybe a 58 and be done with it?

I'm pretty stoked about doing some recording this weekend :banana:
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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