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Hi All,

I am looking for an AnalogMan style person to help me out with a couple of my pedals.

These days, shipping to the US and costs etc etc, I just cant do it!

I have a TS-9 that I would like to get modded to a AM Silver style spec's to match my other AMTS9s that I currently have. It is a 80's version, and worked great for a long time, but is now making more noise than it should, so I would like to get it modded as its going to be on the bench anyways. Less noise, smoother sound etc.

Also, I have a Ross compressor (RC30, the black one) that is making a noise like a mic without a windscreen, a steady hiss (filter cap?) I would like it repaired as well as adding a boss style power adapt instead of the reverse polarity one it has. Perhaps even swap to grey specs?

I have already checked the Canadian pedal builders threads, and none of them specifically offer this style of work so I figured I would ask here. There has to be someone.?

Cheers and Thanks,
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