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Looking for opinions and suggestions on guitar mods & upgrades

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So I just picked up a Red 90's Ibanez RT like this one (not my picture, not my guitar, not my foot) and I want to do some mods and upgrades to it but I really want to make this one unique and i'm looking to get some suggestions or opinions from you guys.

Pickup wise, i've already got guitars with duncans, dimarzios and bill lawrence pickups that cover a lot of ground for rock, blues and heavier tones so I would like this one to be something something really different and quirky than versatile. I'm completely ok adding controls and switches or changing the pickguard but I don't want to route the guitar to change the cavity (I believe the routing is HSH). Besides this my only other stipulation would be nothing active as I don't want to take the pickguard off to change batteries.

Hardware wise everything is on the table as long as no major surgery is required.

For tuners I was thinking about something locking with a hipshot extender as well as changing out the string tree(s). I'd like something that works really well and but also looks cool/interesting/different.

As far as a bridge goes I want something high quality that offers a high level of functionality that hopefully fits the standard style mounting (6 screws) but don't have much experience with the pro's and cons of different aftermarket trems.

Looking forward to your suggestions and opinions.

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I have heard excellent things about the Wilkinson 5+1 trems, if they fit that application. On those trems, one hole is used to locate the bridge, while the others merely act as pivot points. Apparently it reduces friction, thus stabilizing tuning.

As for unique tuners, these are neat, and would be very well made: Classic Open Gear Guitar Tuning Machines > Store > Hipshot Products.
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