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Looking for Dimarzio hardware

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Hi folks,

I need some replacement electronic parts for my Hamer and I'm looking for Dimarzio parts. In particular, a 500K pot, a 3 way toggle switch (90 degree) and an input jack (barrel style). Anybody here know of a dealer stocking them? I would prefer to be able to order through the web.

Thanks in advance.
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Have you tried Guitar Parts Canada? The 500K pot you should be able to get almost anywhere.
I've tried them but they don't seem to carry Dimarzio. Any other ideas?
Why does it have to be Dimarzio? If it is to keep the instrument original, have you tried to recondition the existing parts?

Dimarzio probably used some other brand and just relabeled it. Have a look at
Hamer guitars come equipped with their own brand of pots for example. But on closer inspection, they are Dimarzios with the Hamer logo on them. I need to replace a few components on my Hamer and wanted to use US-made parts.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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