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Looking for Bassist in Winnipeg

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Just thought I'd put some feelers out. A drummer friend and I have been jamming lately and it would be nice to have the low register represented. :smile: Funkier, too. :smile:

Our common musical ground is the scrappier British Invasion stuff as well as some early punkish/Psych material. We've messed about with some Yardbirds, Mountain, MC5, Blue Cheer and James Gang.

If that sounds interesting to you gimme a shout!

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Ha! Thanks for that. :smile:

I wouldn't go so far as to call myself a musician. To me that implies a certain level of ability and an appreciation for all types of music. I'm a bit of a snobby luddite so I usually go with "I play the guitar some". :smile:

Has your band been playing much? You guys took part in that contest at the Pyramid awhile back, right?

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