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Looking for a jazz box..

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Anybody have any feedback on the Ibanez Artcore AK86?

I'm looking for a jazz box to play around with and these are getting decent reviews from what I have seen thus far. Very reasonably priced as well.

Any other suggestions?

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I have heard a LOT of good things about the ibanez artcore series. go and play one is what would be your best bet probably.
those ones are ok for the money, definately. good value for the money even. the prestige models absolutely own it though. if the full size maple archtop didn't look so rediculous, I would have bought one a year ago. they sound AWESOME. I think the complex mids would be my favourite thing about them. for somewhere in the region of 1000 bucks, you cant beat them
Thanks yerf but I'm definately looking for a hollow body.
jazz box

i have an original raven-rg375- ,built by the father you might like to try, or check out out on the web-www. raven west guitars .com
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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