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Long guitar cable vs Short guitar cable

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I used two of the cables I bought from @greco to make this comparison between a very short cable vs a long one using clean, boosted, dirty and lead tones from a few pedals and different volume setting on the guitar...

Hopefully you'll find it as interesting as I do.
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I don't believe the guitar cable is the best device to adjust your tone.

For consistency, I prefer a short-ish cable to a buffer/pedalboard and then it doesn't matter what you do after that.

But sometimes I need to walk the room and listen to the PA so a longer-ish cable is necessary. Perhaps a wireless would solve my issues but the ones I used decades ago were pretty nasty. And I don't feel like investing multiple hundreds of dollars on something that a long cable fixes for those 3% of situations I need it.
Like you, @Granny Gremlin , I usually use a 6 to 10 foot cable from guitar to board, except for the 3% of nights I need to walk the room while playing early on. A little tweak of the tone control compensates on those nights and is way cheaper than wireless or Z-adjusting devices. Usually 10 feet is more than enough, and less stuff spooled under my feet where I'm standing the majority of the time.

But I do occasionally use longer than 20' from board to amp, sometimes because of distance but more often for cable routing and keeping a relatively trip-free stage. But all my boards have a buffer somewhere in the chain, so no problem there.

Being as my #1 amp and #2 amps are combos, the remote head situation won't work for me, although a viable one for those that use separate heads and cabs. I don't know if I'd want a good 100 watt Marshall plexy on the floor within beer spilling and foot kicking range, though. Perhaps on a table beside me. Sure makes tweaking easier.
1 - 2 of 17 Posts
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