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I found this post on the Gear Page. I thought the guy was having a big "O" over the Lollars.

TheGearPage said:
Lollars !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


So, I just picked up a pair of Lollar Imperials from our own Kenny Blue Ray this afternoon. I just finished playing for about a half an hour after putting them in. They have aged nickel covers and they went in to my '83 Love Rock.

Hokey Smokes Bullwinkle..............

The clarity, focus and sensitivity are HUGE!!!! They run a close second to........


I cannot freaking believe it. These are some of the best pickups that I have ever had the pleasure of hearing in my life. They feel alive! Not just loud and punchy, but ALIVE! They literally help meld my intentions with what happens on this guitar. Every rock geetar cliche that I have ever dreamt of from the days of my pre-pubescent mind just flew from my fingers.

I think I am going to have the best tone on the Santa Cruz Punk Scene!!

Really, these are absolutely incredible. The difference in focus, attack, clarity is stunning, really. The tone simply shines with this beautiful growl that morphs in to what ever I want from my Reinhardt Sentinel [jtm45ish].

Love Rock w/Lollars/fists of ham/Evidence Audio to Java Boost to Fuzzhead/Reinhardt Sentinel/'69-'70 Marshall 4-12 w/original Greenies.

I will post a vid in a while, I am having too much fun cranking the amp right now.

Man, go git some!!!!


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I have Lollars in 2 guitars, great pickups!!! (imperials and P-90's, I posted pics a while back, probably in a lollar thread back in the fall)

Both have something magical that happens just as the string is picked...and once harnessed by the player, this opens so much more possibilities for expression. The Imperials go for the PAF style mismatch of the HB coils so they are a tad more noisy (just slightly) with more brightness and less saturation. There's lots of great pickups out there and once you get to the good stuff, it's really just a question of flavour but the first time one plays a Lollar after pulling a PU from a company with a bigger marketing budget is a life changing experience for most guitarists.


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Hey, Jeff, think you could provide some detailed tonal / character descriptions of the Lollar P-90's? I have a MusicMan Axis SS with their MM90's that sound fairly full, and might even be called "polite", and was wondering about what a change might do.

The guitar is ash with a maple cap, bolt-on maple neck with RW board.

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