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Live albums that made them

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With the death of Gregg Allman, it made me think that Live at the Filmore East really made that band. Sure, they had their fans before that, but they became a household name after.

I would say the same about Frampton Comes Alive and Kiss Alive, just off the top of my head.

Agree? Disagree?

Any others y0u think are like this?
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No, highdeaf. Thier first album was the birth of southern rock. It blew our minds at the time and it was never topped for me. I saw them live in Minneapolis circa 1969/70. It was OK, I guess. I don't remember a note.
I know it wasn't their first album, but that was the one I heard on the radio and at parties. A lot. Don't remember them before that, TBH.

Same with the other two I mentioned - they'd been around for years, but those two live albums broke Frampton and Kiss huge. You couldn't go anywhere without hearing "Do You Feel...." and that talkbox.

The two @bw66 mentioned I think are the same. Don't recall a lot of Cheap Trick before Budakon.

I do love that BOC album, but I think they were pretty big before that came out.
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One of my favorite live album titles was The Nuge's 'Intensities in Ten Cities'. He had a way with words, and still does I suppose, if you can tolerate his extreme leanings.
They didn't call him "the motor city's calmest citizen" for nothin'!
I agree, but The Song Remains the Same was a different time, a different market. It was more about the silly backstories and the mystical stuff that was the flavor of the time. The recently released live stuff is so much better.

The first Rush live album was big for me. I was already a fan but I thought, if he can do that with one guitar and no post production, maybe I can too. Although I never completely got there, it pushed me to get better. I played along to that album for months and months, trying.
@faracaster Thanks for the reminder of 'Go For What You Know'. Pat Travers, Pat Thrall - killer album. We played that LP to death in the early 80s. I have "Boom, Boom, Out Go The Lights" in my head just thinking about it. Excellent ear wormage.
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