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Line 6 Variax 700

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Was on the Line 6 site ( I have a Spider II 212 ) and just realized that they make Bass's.
This forum tends to be some what "old school". but hearing what the amp can emulate I am curious about their bass guitar technology.
Has anyone tried one out. Right off I would think they should be bottom end heavy with all those batteries alone. Didn't appear to have the usual pups, but an interesting thumb rest.I think they are around $650 cdn?

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I played one very briefly. Personally didn't like the feel or quality of the bass itself. I'm not a real fan of amp & guitar modelling myself.
I haven't played one of their basses, but have tried one of their guitars and liked it. It wasn't the greatest, but it played fine and it was cool to have so many sounds at your fingertips and playing in a really noisy bar over a loud drummer you'd never know it didn't have magnetic pickups (IMHO). If you do try out a bass let us know what you think.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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