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If you haven't read about this on thegearpage you should. Its supposed to be a pretty neat amp. There are also a number of new PODs coming out (Pod X3) and some other stuff. Should be interesting! I can't wait to test drive this thing. Drool Drool Drool

It is rumoured to be a spider III with the preamp and power amp of a bogner. It is fittingly supposed to be called the Spider Valve I think.

Anyway, on you can check out Line6's channel, and the video called "beginnings" or something is the one you want. It has a bunch of great artists trying out the amp, and they seemed to love it.

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From the front of the Spider Valve, supposedly. Specs:

40W Class AB :: (2) 12AX7 :: (2) 6L6
1X12", 2X12" and 100W Head
Premium Celestion® Vintage 30

So that means atleast 1 preamp tube?

All the shit they're releasing:

Line6 Spider Jam
Line6 POD X-3
Line6 POD X-3 Live
Line6 Spider Valve-112
Line6 Spider Valve-212
Line6 Spider Valve-100 HD
Line6 SV-4x12 Cabinet Celestion V30

Mmmkay... so if I sell the XTL now before the X-3 gets released and prices go down I should have atleast half the cost of the X-3 right there... I like new stuff and I need something to record with at night, hah.

Oh yeah, there's also rumors that the X-3 can record / run vocals, bass and guitar... some people think that's what the '3' stands for... other think it means '3rd generation'... POD... XT...X-3 (POD 2.0 was a software update).

We'll see...

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"Release date in the US is September 29th and the price will be $699. This is for the 40 watt 1x12 combo, soon to be followed by a 100 watt head."

"There is an additional input on the rear of the amp to bypass the Spider and go all tube Bogner."

Oh my damn.

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Pulled this off of the TGP thread...


"Release date in the US is September 29th and the price will be $699. This is for the 40 watt 1x12 combo, soon to be followed by a 100 watt head."

"There is an additional input on the rear of the amp to bypass the Spider and go all tube Bogner."

Oh my damn.
I couldn't have said it better! Wow. That's a promising little amp.

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I foundthe high gain clip in the demo teaser to sound a bit fizzy but the rest sounded pretty good. I have a feeling most people will run this in bypass and just use the Bogner section lol. However, I do think the idea of presets with flange and other effects would be pretty killer!

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POD® X3 - now book in advance!!

Finally again that unconditional enthusiasm as with the first guitar.

The POD X3 strikes one guaranteed over, is it nevertheless to date most comprehensive and most versatile equipment of the POD family with branch-pure amplifier, box pedal and Studioeffektmodellen. Most rare “Vintage” - Schätzchen are here just as substantial represented as the newest “fashion shop” - Amps. And the creative possibilities are unlimited. Erschraube you either your own sounds or serves you with the Presets provided over 200 of professional hand.

With the POD X3 a new sound era starts. So one can send the guitar signal e.g. simultaneously to two amplifier models with separate effects. And there also bass and microphone preamplifier models on board are, are suitable the POD X3 for the whole volume. Who would like, can at the same time attach even two instruments and nevertheless separately work on. Completely directly, as complex your musical conceptions are - with the POD X3 you can carry out them completely unbureaucratically.

The POD X3 offers all entrances and exits, which one needs for practicing, samples and taking up. To the 1/4” - entrance can be attached a guitar or a bass, the XLR entrance is meant for a microphone o.ä. To practice one can with Stereo headphone, in order not to risk the good relationship with the neighbours. Live one can be attached the part to the entrance of a guitar amplifier or directly to the public-address system. For Studiozwecke symmetrical Stereo exits as well as a digital S/P DIF exit are available. And who already in the computer era arrived, about the fast USB 2.0-Port (audioable and more canal) will be pleased.

In the POD X3 all sagenumwobenen sounds of history and newer scoops give themselves - in used POD quality Stelldichein.

Functions & advantages

Electrical guitar
The POD X3 offers by far vielschichtigere control of the sound of guitar as its a predecessor.

• With 78 upsetting amplifier models one can fulfill oneself to each also still so strange sound desire.
• The amplifier and box models can be tasted then still with several models of the 98 pedal and Studioeffekte.
• Maltreat even in fastidious professional circles still more impression, by transmitting your guitar signal at the same time to two virtual guitar Rigs.
• In addition, the POD X3 can be attached to a stack or a Combo. Also then naturally effects can be used up to 9. Ideal occupations for this would be things like “Vintage” - distortion, haarsträubender Fuzz, almost infinite Delay effect, more warmly resound, impudent Flanger, WahWah etc.

Acoustic guitar
You can attach either a microphone or the exit of your I/O guitar to the POD X3, in order to enjoy the superben sound of your instrument so correctly times.
• Rental businesses of the guitar with a tube preamplifier model more warmth, restrain its level with a high-quality compressor… help nature, where conventional electronics falsifies it!
• Are then missing actually only a prize resound, possibly a Chorus or a Delay and a fine tuning by EQ.

Bass guitar
Whether you on the arena Bums, which Motown Groove or the sharp-edged-full of seeds sound liked nowadays stand is insignificant - the POD X3 contains also in bassiger regard everything.

• 28 amplifier and 22 box models particularly for bass guitar. There you guaranteed fündig.
• The existing models of Mikrofonvorverstärkern are suitable by the way also for warming other signals up than e and/or bass guitar.
• With the 98 pedal and Studioeffektmodellen also bassists can fulfill themselves each sound desire.

The POD X3 is equipped with an XLR entrance for a microphone. Also for this type of signal there are many ingenious effects.

• Select from 6 models of the best Mikrofonvorverstärker of all times, so that your voice sounds also “in the box” as warm and pressureful as in the acoustic reality.
• With high-quality compressors, EQs, gates and De-Essern you trim your voice easy on “supergeil”.
• With the models of the Studioeffekte you know then still to the necessary resound, a Delay, perhaps even something Chorus etc. to add.

The POD X3 contains the entire Tool pallet, which one can only wish oneself as kreative/r Songwriter/in.

• With as good as all conceivable guitar, bass and sounds of voice one gives a professional painting to its compositions from the conditions.
• As soon as the inspiration slams shut, can you the guitar and singing part in a jerk take up and so the magic of the first “Takes” to you receive.

Power and flexibility - the POD X3 has' s

Computer photographs
The POD X3 is suitable for all photograph situations, in which a computer is used.

• Thanks of its USB 2.0-Ports can do the POD X3 even “dry � wie auch bearbeitete Signale zur Software übertragen, so dass du im letzten (Mix)Moment noch einen anderen Sound wählen kannst.
• Der POD X3 erlaubt die Simultanaufnahme von 2 fachkundig bearbeiteten Signalen.
• Eine Gitarre kann z.B. mit zwei separaten (virtuellen) Stereo-Rigs bearbeitet und in dieser fülligen Form aufgenommen werden.
• Und da sich der POD X3 um die ganzen Berechnungen kümmert, steht der Prozessor deines Computers für andere Aufgaben zur Verfügung. Latenz ist demnach kein Thema.
• Über den S/P DIF-Ausgang sind auch andere Digital-Anwendungen möglich, so z.B. die Aufnahme mit ProTools und anderen professionellen Geräten/Schnittstellen. Der legendäre POD®-Sound kann somit immer und überall zur Stelle sein.

Verbindung mit einem Verstärker
Der POD X3 kann als ultimatives Multi-Effektgerät genutzt und zu diesem Zweck mit einem Stack oder Combo verbunden werden.

• Mit 98 Modellen von Pedal- und Studioeffekten stehen dir mehr Effekte zur Verfügung als selbst die höchste 19”-Wand bieten kann.
o Stomp – Fuzz, Distortion, Overdrive und mehr.
o Mod – Chorus, Flanger, Tremolo, Rotary, Phaser usw.
o Delay – Jeweils mehrere Typen für die Delay-Effekte: Analog, digital, Bandecho, eine Kombination äußerst rarer Echos – es ist einfach alles da.
o Reverb – Mehrere Halltypen. Modelle: Room, Hall, Chamber, Plate und Spring.
o Andere – Kompressor, Gate, halbparametrischer 4-Band-EQ, Synthesizer, Filter, Wah u.v.a.

• Bis zu 9 Effekte können gleichzeitig genutzt werden.
• Auch die Effektketten sind übrigens separat programmierbar.
• Verbindung mit einer Beschallungsanlage
Der POD X3 kann direkt an eine PA angeschlossen werden, so dass du innerhalb weniger Sekunden bereit bist für den Soundcheck.
• Warum also noch tonnenweise Material herumkarren, wo man doch noch viel mehr in einem kompakten Gerät geboten bekommt?
• Außerdem kannst du jetzt darauf vertrauen, dass dein Sound allzeit über jeden Zweifel erhaben ist.
• Die XLR-Ausgänge können direkt mit der Stagebox usw. verbunden werden. Eine DI-Box ist überflüssig.

Warum den PODxt eintauschen?
Der POD X3 bietet unzählige neue Funktionen, mit denen man noch weitaus kreativer arbeiten und seiner Musik noch viel mehr Ausdruck verleihen kann.

• Der POD X3 enthält mehr Verstärker-, Boxen- und Effektmodelle als die anderen Geräte der POD®-Serie. Der Beweis: 78 Verstärker- und 24 Boxenmodelle für Gitarre, 98 Effekte, 28 Verstärker- und 22 Boxenmodelle für Bass sowie 6 Modelle von Mikrofonvorverstärkern.

• Bearbeite deine Gitarre simultan mit zwei kompletten Gitarren-Rigs, um dein Publikum mit einer eindrucksvollen “Schallmauer” zu begeistern.
• Das weitaus größere Display zeigt den kompletten Signalweg beider Ketten an. Die Verstärker- und Effektparameter können jetzt auf einer Seite editiert werden. Damit spart man Zeit.
• Auch deine akustische Gitarre, ein Bass und sogar Gesang lassen sich jetzt mit der POD-Soundmagie aufmotzen und klingen entsprechend edler, frecher, lebendiger usw.
• Simultannutzung des XLR- und 1/4”-Eingangs für zwei Signalquellen mit separater Bearbeitung – ideal im Studio und live.
• USB 2.0-Port für Mehrspuraufnahmen mit allen gängigen Aufnahmeprogrammen. Bei Bedarf kannst du sogar das “trockene” und eine Stereoversion des bearbeiteten Signals gleichzeitig aufnehmen, um bis zur Abmischung flexibel zu bleiben.
• Der digitale S/P DIF-Ausgang lässt sich für die Verbindung mit einem Pro Tools-System oder anderen Studiogeräten nutzen.


Ein- & Ausgänge
• 1/4”-Instrumenteneingang
• XLR-Mikrofoneingang (mit Trimmregler)
• USB 2.0-Port für Audio und Sound-Editierung
• Digitaler S/P DIF-Ausgang (stereo)
• Symmetrische 1/4”-Line-Ausgänge (TRS)
• 1/4”-Kopfhöreranschluss (stereo)
• Anschluss für optionale FBV-Pedaleinheit
• 1/8”-Eingang für CD/MP3-Spieler usw. (stereo)

• Großes beleuchtetes LC-Display
• 8 verchromte “Verstärkerregler”: Drive, Bass, Mid, Treble, Presence, Reverb, Tone Volume, Master Volume
• Tap Tempo/Tuner-Taster
• 5 An/Aus-Taster für die Effekte: Amp, Stomp, Mod, Delay, Verb
• Fest zugewiesener “Dual Tone”-Taster
• 5 kontextbezogene Regler für die Parametereditierung
• Separate Taster für die Ein-/Ausgangskonfiguration

Verstärker-, Boxen- & Effektmodelle
• Überwältigende Modellanzahl für Gitarre, Bass und Gesang
• 78 Gitarrenverstärkermodelle
• 24 Boxenmodelle für Gitarre
• 98 Modelle von Pedal- und Studioeffekten
• 28 Bassverstärkermodelle
• 22 Boxenmodelle für Bass
• 6 Vorverstärkermodelle für Gesang
• A.I.R.™ II Boxen-/Mikrofonmodellierung mit jeweils 4 Mikrofonierungsoptionen

Zusätzliche Funktionen & Vorteile
• 2 umfassend ausgestattete Verstärker- und Effektsignalketten für Gitarre (simultan nutzbar)
• Separate Bearbeitung der über den 1/4”- und den XLR-Eingang empfangenen Signale
• USB 2.0-Mehrkanalübertragung (Stereo “Wet/Dry” für jeden Eingang)
• 24-Bit-Wandler (A/D und D/A) und 32-Bit-Klangbearbeitung mit Fließkomma
• Bis zu 9 Effekte je Signalkette, Routing einstellbar (Pre/Post)
• Tap Tempo-Steuerung der zeitbasierten Effekte
• Äußerst präzise chromatische Stimmfunktion (wahlweise im Mute- oder Bypass-Modus)
• Geliefert mit USB 2.0-Kabel
• Geliefert mit externem Netzteil
Yay! I gotta' sell my XTL now, lol.

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Haha, good stuff.

"And who already in the computer era arrived, about the fast USB 2.0-Port (audioable and more canal) will be pleased."

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On a side note, how are the line 6 flextone amps?
I tried the 2x12 one awhile back... it was OK. Not worth the $800+ IMO... it sounded exactly like the POD XT just with less features and in a combo. If you already have a cabinet, PA system or powered monitors just get a POD XT (and model packs... those are fun to play with) and it'll sound just as good with more fun effects and amps to play with and cost you less.

The Vetta is the one with some more features, like two amps at once, etc. but apparently they're putting all that into the X-3 anyway.

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Here guys.. some snippets of the new amp in between the totally fake " oh my god i am soo surprised that this amp ever came into existence , praise Jesus!"

Somehow.....I knew before I clicked on the link that I'd hear a "That's sick!" in there somewhere... *L*

I'm kinda disappointed I didn't hear a "That's mint!" though.... :D

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Yet, anyway... I guess they still think it's all a big secret, lolol. But you can play connect the dots with Line 6's hints.

"Hi there, Have you visited the Line 6 MySpace page at

We're constantly adding friends and getting comments - you never know who you might see there. Check it out, check out our new friends and send us a message! That's all for now, Line 6, Inc."
RB is the first friend listed.

Look at the picture... now look at Bogner's site:

Plus the whole... "the BeGinNing is nEaR"... BGNER.
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