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Let's talk Mics

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Shure SM57 all the way for recording amps.

Shure Beta 58A for vocals. Just because I'm such a crappy weak ass singer and need all the help I can get.

Audio Technica 3031 for recording acoustic guitar.
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I, like most of the old guard have used 57s and 58s for many years. They ARE great mics. I would further add that 57s are excellent vocal mics as long as you have experience enough to back off with the plosives.

I replaced my Shures with AKGs, Apex and Sennheisers over the course of the last few years and prefer the sound of the AKGs for voice. Different EQ curve I guess. I just like them better.
Benee Wafers said:
I think its the Shure SM58 which is considered the all around best studio performer, the SM 57 being the "live" standard mic.
Let me know iof I've got that in reverse order.
Benee Wafers

SM58 is a vocal mic for live use.

SM57 is an instrument mic for live use.

The 57 is also a great vocal mic if you know enough to "play" it.

They have identical cartridges and the only difference is the lack of a ball on the 57.

You can use them for recording, but there are much better mics for that purpose in my opinion.
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Good links Gas Man.

There are many similar resources out there. I like the Yorkville guide (link below).

Mic'ing is a matter of taste of course.

Depending on the amp you may be mic'ing different mic positions will be beneficial in correcting problem frequencies.
No doubt that sm-57 and the apex 210 or good for close miking.Just got myself a 210 and had a$$ kicking result.
- 6 [email protected] of speaker cone
-About one foot [email protected] of cabinet(twin twelve)
But make sure you dont DROP it
Great result where olso achive with a Sm-58 less then a foot [email protected] of speaker cone.
I think this thread would be much more instructive if pepole told also about HOW they use their mic..instead of just dropping names.But hey! that just me
and my crazy ideas :)

You may know ths, but the 57 and 58 cartridges are exactly the same. The only difference is the wind screen.

For marshall or similar I like a 57 straight at the dust cap and with the mic touching the grill cloth. For a Fender or other clean-ish amp I angle the 57 off axis and still against the grill cloth.

If I feel extravagent I sometimes will use a second 57 about a foot away, but really I can get a pretty fat sound with one mic.
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