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Amazing DVD, it starts off in 1970 at the Royal Albert Hall, where Zeppelin first really got big. You can really see Jimmy Pages leadership and his playing skills are just amazing. And the special version of Dazed and Confused is just done awesome. It really brings out John Paul Jones bass playing skills, and Jimmy Page playing his 1958 les paul with a bow. Also, the version of Moby Dick is about 20 minutes long, so get ready for a long-long-amazing drum solo by John Bonham(RIP). Also, Jimmy Pages skills really shines when he plays White Summer. It was basically a 10 minute long solo that really got the crowds attention.

Onto the second disk, they blast it off with a 1972 performance of their famous song Immigrant Song. Jimmy Page even solos, and if you heard the song, you will know that he doesnt solo in it.

Then we go to their second most famous performance of all time, Madison Square Garden in 1973. This is probably the part of the DVD with the best concentration of songs. The Since Ive Been Loving You is way better than the studio version. Robert Plant sings amazing inside of that one. And they also play other great hits such as Black Dog, The Ocean, and Misty Mountain Hop.

Then we move onto 1975. This is where Jimmy Pages acoustic skills really start to shine. Now we all know Going to California and Bron Yr Aur Stomp are awesome acoustic songs, but you dont know anything until you see them play it live. And of course, their most famous song ever...Stairway to Heaven is played. This is the best song on the DVD. Jimmy Page uses his famous double-neck gibson SG. Jimmy Page even manages to break a string towards the end of the solo. If you only get to see one song on this DVD, let it be stairway to heaven. This is also the time that Jimmy Page started to use Heroin, so take note of that for 1979.

Now, the final part of the DVD, their performance at Knebworth in 1979. This is where you see the biggest changes in the band. Jimmy Page looks absolutely horrible here from all the heroin, and even Robert Plant is starting to look old from all the drugs. Oh well, they play amazing songs such as Achilles Last Stand, In the Evening, Kashmir, Rock and Roll and Whole Lotta Love.

This is a great DVD, i give it a 10 out of 10
1 - 2 of 11 Posts
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