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Greetings from Thunder Bay.... :food-smiley-004:

I've viciously guarded the Hamm Community Guitar for the past week and finally here is my review of this very cool piece of wood.
Upon receiving the ingenious shipping case I was overwhelmed with the stench of stale wife is allergic to smoke so I had to open it up out in the garage...The gig bag inside just reeeeeeked ! So the new fresh smell of Febreeze Citrus is compliments of my wife ! *L*
The guitar itself is very impressive to behold...remembering this is a factory second I was still impressed with the striking look and quality of the guitar. The nit picking has already been mentioned in the previous reviews so rather than rehashing, I'll just add on my two cent opinion.
The top of this guitar is gorgeous....if it isn't a real maple cap then the veneer/photo finish on it is very convincing. I love the arched top and the fact that it is a set neck....all in a beginner's price range ! It also came strung up with 10's and look like they might be D'Addario's.
The body is light weight and I find it slightly neck heavy, the sign of a meaty guitar. The neck feels solid and is comfortable to play. I prefer unfinished necks and I find the finish on the back of this neck doesn't hinder you in any way. The neck is slim and is reminiscent of more vintage dimensions. The string spacing of the guitar is I have some issues with modern guitars not having enough wood under the high E string (edge of the string to edge of the neck) for my liking. You get more neck meat as you get higher up the neck. Now this I like !
The back of the neck is round enough for holding great chords and the top is flat enough for huge bends.The fret work is good and the inlays are a nice design. The neck alone is worthy of a higher asking price.
It is getting close to needing a truss rod doubt likely due to the heat/humidity changes as the warm summer weather is settling in here much quicker than normal for Thunder Bay.
The guitar came intonated and set up well and acoustically rings loud and clear when strummed unplugged as mentioned before. This is great if you can't always plug it into an amp.
For me, since I ride the volume knob when I play, feel the volume pot could be in a more convenient position.
The rest of the electronics are very decent...the pups are very good but the switch could be upgraded and the tuners do their job well. This guitar can satisfy a range of tones from clean to dirt.
The Hamm guitar will absolutely delight a first time buyer (who'd be doing himself a BIG disservice if he didn't check out these guitars while shopping around) and will satisfy an advancing guitarist. A seasoned pro will certainly be impressed at Andy's offerings at the prices he's asking for this model. When I had it up on stage with me someone asked me if a local high school started building guitars...I "graduated" from Hammarskjold. *L*. This guitar can go from bedroom to can keep a beginner playing thru to his gigging days.
In the sea of inexpensive guitars, Hamm guitars are sharks. I have absolute faith in Andy's builds and look forward to his future offerings.
Would I buy a Hamm guitar ???......Damm right !!!
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