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Laser / CNC Plastic Cutting

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Anyone know of a place in Ontario that cuts plastic cheap?

Basically, I have a few backplates that need made and aren't regular sized. I can draw them up in Illustrator as an EPS file... plan was to print, glue down to the 3-ply and cut but, if cheap enough I'd love to be able to just send a file and get some perfectly cut plates back in the mail.
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Your local library has a public access laser cutter?

Ours has books... videos... few computers. Not lasers! :)

would those actually cut through 3-ply? or just etch it?
Well... libraries in large cities are changing, small towns and villages, we have books. :D

I been eyeing up those 3D printers, won't help for this project but, look pretty cool... but pretty sure the novelty would wear off after I've printed off a dozen Pokemon figures for the nieces/nephews and realized that toys costing $0.50 on eBay just cost me $10 each to make. :D Kind of like printing photos at home... usually just cheaper to get them done given cost of consumables.

Anyways... so far in my area it all seems to be for big items and bulk. Posted in a local buy/sell on Facebook where people ask those questions as well... give it a week and see. Failing that, I have the 3ply and jigsaw. I'm not good with it and plastic though, still need practice but for these projects, I'd rather pro looking ones.
Yeah, I'm a little tired of hearing about you privileged Welland folk.... "oh, look at us, we have indoor plumbing and good hygiene"... makin' the rest of us look bad.

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Posted on the local ad page on Facebook, and guy just got a CNC that does cutting. Said he never tried with plastic before, just got the machine, but for $5 if I have the dwg file and plastic he'll give it a shot.

Hopefully works... I'll post the results.
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