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I bought/sold/traded probably 30 guitars in the last 2 years.
I have narrowed down my "keepers" to the few in my signature.
I have found that the older "used" Squier's to be a great deal for quality,sound & price. Buying used saves money, just check it over for cracks,etc.

Anyway, the MIK Stratocaster I got has an alder body in Midnite Wine colour, it has HSS pickup configuration & a bolt-on maple neck & fretboard.
It plays & sounds nicer than the MIM Fender I bought "brand new" prior to this one!
I admit many Squiers are lacking in tone or build, but this one is super. I guess I got extremely lucky with this purchase. It has the Fender sound I craved. Drool

The MIK Telecaster was another find for me. I strung it with #10 XL's for a fuller tone.
It has the old "ashtray" with 3 steel barrels for the bridge. Strings don't go thru the body with this arrangement. Maple "bolt-on" neck & fretboard on a vintage White paint job.
Again, it sounds better than the MIM Fender I had bought new & exchanged quickly, for an amplifier instead. :eek:
All in all, there are some decent playing Squiers out there..just gotta hunt 'em down! Play on fellas!!! :food-smiley-004:
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