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Kapn goes "Country"

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Song written by Rob Lewczyk of San Jose. Rob sings to single chords per bar on electric piano.

Kapn provides drum-track, bass (DI'd Godin Shifter), and ta-da! -- my first outing with a volume pedal that I bought for $50 from a guy who came around to the house this week. (Sounds like a promising piece of gear. I was gonna flip it but I will probably play with it some more first. Very smooth and pure. User-friendly.)

Fury Bandit (SSH, five-way on position 3) through a Diamond compressor into a Stephenson Standard with an All-Tone 12" 50w in a Stephenson FV cab. Touch of Van Amp reverb.

How She Feels

She’s looking to love
The way that she’s been dreaming of
He’s loving to look
That second glance was all it took

And as they sway across the crowded floor
She thinks that he’s the one
He thinks that she’s just like the ones before

A one night stand
But the feeling is over
The moment has passed
She’s dressed and gone
The smell of her perfume lingers on

Where just hours ago the both of them lay
That magical time when words of love were much too easy to say

She thinks he might be her man
He thinks she was a one night stand
She thinks this might be for real
He doesn’t know how she feels

She sits at home
Patiently waiting for the phone
He doesn’t call
Her number lies crumpled in the hall

And as the phone is silent the rest of the day
She tells herself she really didn’t like him anyway

She thought he might be her man
He thought she was one night stand
She thought this might be for real
He didn’t know how she’d feel
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Really like this one. The guitar adds a lot but doesn't distract. By the end of the song I was singing along. Keep the volume pedal.
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Keep the volume pedal.
I think so. It's a Hilton. Pricey to buy new, and even used they retain their value.

I saw it at an auction last year and I didn't know what it was. A guy outbid me, but never used it. He came by to GIVE it to me, but I asked what his bid was and rounded it up to $50. I told him it was worth hundreds but he didn't care.

I am interested in exploring it further. A very basic, but nonetheless expressive effect.
Very nice ! :)
Thanks for sharing !
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Nice. I wish more people could be both that sparse and that tasteful in their playing.
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@Kerry Brown @Grab n Go @bw66 @Lincoln @guitarman2 @mawmow

Thanks for the listens and comments, folks. Bumping for a little more love before this fades into inevitable obscurity...
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@Kerry Brown @Grab n Go @bw66 @Lincoln @guitarman2 @mawmow

Thanks for the listens and comments, folks. Bumping for a little more love before this fades into inevitable obscurity...
Thanks for the bump. I had to listen to it again. What a great sad story song with a sparse arrangement that totally suits the story.
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Very nice! And I give this link to everyone I know who's got a volume pedal:

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@Doug Gifford

Thanks DG! I spent two afternoons with the VP and quickly learned what a mistake big sweeps are... but that 90% thing is a real eye-opener!

Nothing beats practise of course, but I will definitely check out his other vid's on the VP. Thanks again.

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I remember Lenny Breau saying he turned the amp up high and then played very gently.

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